Quilted Basket

Manchester, MO

West County

Do you have a question about quilting or garment sewing?  Do you need help learning machine embroidery or using a ScanNCut? Or maybe you need advice on making a tote bag? If so, come visit the West County Neighborhood Group!  Our membership talent is extremely diverse and you are very welcome to join us.

West County is a fun and friendly group that loves getting together and discussing all things sewing.  Our meetings include demos of sewing techniques, working on projects for charity, and an occasional field trip.  We would love for you to attend.

Unless noted, we meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Manchester United Methodist Church (129 Woods Mill Road, room 220).

Note:  We're currently meeting online or outside.  Use the Get in Touch button below for information.

Zipper Technique

In February, Shelia demonstrated the Kenneth King invisible zipper technique. She had handouts with step by step directions. She also had samples made for each step so we could handle the fabric and see up close how the zipper was put in. The finished zipper looked great.

2020-02 Shelia Pin Inv Zip.jpg

Sewing Gifts

In November we combined our usual Sew and Tell with sharing the sewn Christmas gifts and projects we have underway. 

WC Joan James Kitchen Towel  pot Holder.

Say Cheese

May's Sew and Tell gave us an opportunity to get a (partial) group picture around Deb's quilt.

2019-05 Deb Kaiser Quilt Peggy Hunt, Ivy

Chenille Scarf

In January, Ivy showed us how to make a chenille scarf using five layers of shirting flannel. She brought some uncut flannel and a some scarves in progress so we could see how to do each step She also handed out some detailed instructions with pictures to help us remember what she said when we get home.

2020-01 1 Ivy Wearing Chenille Scarf.jpg

Placemat Plans

For our program, Shelia told us about a You Tube tutorial by Lorrie Nunemaker on using placemats to make a variety of pouches, totes, bags and baskets. Shelia made samples of several of the items. It was nice to have the real thing to hold in your hands instead of just a picture.

2019-06-11 Shelia Rittgers Placemat Proj

Screen Printing

At our April meeting, Sarah taught us how to do screen printing.  She showed us how to use a fine mesh fabric and use an embroidery hoop to use as a frame.  Next we took a vinyl stencil and using a sticky tape transferred it to the mesh fabric, then taped around the edges so no paint would leak under.  We arranged the stencil and frame on top of our good fabric.  Sarah then gave us a line of paint at one edge of the stencil and using a plastic card as a scraper we spread the paint directly across the stencil.  Then we removed the frame, and like magic there was a painted image on the fabric!