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Chapter Advisory Board

The Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) is responsible for the “running” of the chapter. They keep the chapter in compliance with national requirements such as maintaining a bank account, filing legal papers to maintain non-profit status, filing financial reports, producing newsletters, and calling an annual meeting to hold elections.  The CAB also initiates planning with the neighborhood group leaders for chapter-wide special events. The CAB is comprised of three elected and six volunteers who are appointed. All have voting rights on the matters affecting the chapter.  In addition to following national policies, the CAB adopts standing rules for the operation of the chapter.  These are posted in the Members Only section of the website.  Our meetings are open to all members.  Just let us know in advance if you want to discuss an issue so that we can add it to the agenda.


Paulette Pierson


Karen Moody


Denise Schindler


Molly Nikkel


Sharon Galen


Karen Moody

Member Representative

Leslie Becker


Laura B


Beverly Landolt

Community Service

Stacy Miller

Facebook Admin

Molly Nikkel

Neighborhood Group Coordinator

Shelia Rittgers

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