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Elegant woman

Creve Coeur, MO

Fashion, Fabric, and Friends

We are a friendly group of ladies who are mostly garment sewers.  We always have interesting and beautiful "sew and tell."  Our ladies take turns presenting programs on innovative sewing techniques.  When someone has a sewing question or problem, we all try to jump in with ideas and help.  We sometimes go on field trips and many of us meet at Bread Co for a light supper before the meeting.  Twice a year, July and holiday time we make blankets for the Ronald McDonald House.  We welcome new members.

We are currently meeting the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 PM at The Bridge, 1344 Baur Blvd., Olivette.  Use the Get in Touch button below for information.

Embroidered Cards with Cathy

At our February Zoom meeting, Cathy demonstrated techniques she has been learning for using her embroidery machine to make greeting cards.  She explained the tools and supplies she uses, and inspired us all to up our greeting card game.  Who wouldn't love to find one of these hand made treasures in the mailbox?  Click on the picture below to see a slide show.

2019 Activities

Fabric Exchange Results

A year ago we had a fabric swap/exchange and we finally had our big reveal this month.  Items included a cute three piece PJ set, a cocoon shawl. an adorable jacket for a granddaughter, a grey knit jacket accented with agrey cheetah print knit, and a Pamela's Perfect T shirt. 

Fabric Swap Photo (1).jpg

Continuous Binding

In September, Ann walked us through the calculations and assembly steps for making no-stress bias binding.  And she taught us that you can do square roots on your phone's calculator by turning the phone sideways!  It was a spirited and fun evening.

Ann binding.jpeg

African Mud Cloth

In November, Giselle presented a knockout program on authentic African Mud Cloth. The authentic fabric is made in strips that are sewn together.  The fabric is thick and textured with hand painted motifs.  All of the motifs have a meaning, the colors are dyed from plants and are mostly in earthen colors.  We were overwhelmed with Giselle's extensive collection and informative program.

Giselle Mudcloth Photo.jpg

Doll Shoes

In August, Paulette showed us how to make adorable doll shoes using our fabric scraps and basic craft supplies.  Paulette made Crocs, Birkenstocks, lace espadrilles, and wool slippers.  Many of us planned on being up all night thinking about how we could make our own!

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