St. Louis, MO

City Sew-Ers

The City Sew-ers neighborhood group focuses on learning a new technique each month. At most of our meetings we do a 30-60 minute hands-on project, and members are welcomed to stay longer if the project needs more time.

Unless noted, we meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM at the City Sewing Room, 6700 Arsenal St, St. Louis, MO 63139.

Lutterloh System with Anne

At our November meeting, Anne discussed the Lutterloh pattern making system that she recently tried out.  She found it to be an interesting system, and shared some tips for making adjustments.

Halloween and Christmas Projects

In October, Sue showed several Christmas and Halloween projects including painted towels with crayons, twisted star ornaments, paper piecing, and a blanket demo.

Patterns from your Favorite Outfits

In September, Nancy presented a program on using ready made clothes to make patterns.

April at City Sew-Ers

At our Sew and Tell, Mariam got the prize for the best ever.  She showed us what she bought at an estate sale for just $9!!  It was two beautiful silk saris and several Pakistani garments.  That was yards of the most beautiful silks.  The sew and tell got better when a stitcher at the City Sewing Room showed us how to properly wear a sari and gave us an impromptu lesson how tell an Indian garment from a Pakistani one.

Quilting and Piecework

Our September meeting was a sew-and-tell on Quilting and Piecework.  The items shown ranged greatly in style and era.  Some were expertly stitched, and some were works in progress.  Many came with stories that added to their beauty. 

Sashiko with Marty

City Sew-Ers welcomed chapter member Marty M. to our June meeting to give a presentation on Sashiko, a decorative embroidery technique.  In Japan, Sashiko was traditionally a stitching technique to reinforce garments.  Marty told us its history and showed us beautiful samples done by hand and by machine.  We thank her for sharing her knowledge and her Sashiko work!

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