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Neighborhood Groups

The Heart of ASG

We are real people meeting in real buildings to sew real things.  And we have a blast.
So take a moment to step away from the world of computers, grab your latest project, and join us at your nearest neighborhood group meeting.  Better yet, bring a friend with you!

We encourage you to visit other neighborhood groups.  You’ll have fun and meet new friends, and you may see some old ones!  We suggest that you confirm time, location and program with when visiting a new neighborhood group as these may vary for special events, field trips, etc.

Sewing Threads

Belleville, IL

We are the Illinois neighborhood group, and a great bunch of people. We have coffee and snacks at our meetings. We love to sew for charity, our children, and grandchildren. We have a wide variety of people that are part of our group, you are sure to find your place with us, we would love to meet you.

Sewing Tools

Crestwood, MO

We are a group of ladies who are interested in sewing.  We all sew different items, some garments, quilts, home dec and we seem to enjoy making small items like pincushion and baskets and boxes.  Some of us like to make teddy bears and dolls and doll clothes.  Being a rather large group (25 to 30) there are many interests.  Some sew for grandkids, others enter contests, give classes and some sew for other people.  And there are quite a few who sew for charity.  At our meetings we catch up on what the Board is planning, then we have a Program or Demonstration and then Show n Tell.  Show n Tell is always a fun time.  After the meeting we go to lunch.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to join in.

Sewing Studio

St. Louis, MO

The City Sew-ers neighborhood group focuses on learning a new technique each month. At most of our meetings we do a 30-60 minute hands-on project, and members are welcomed to stay longer if the project needs more time.

White Embroidered Eggs

Fenton, MO

The Fenton ASG neighborhood group's members have varied interests. We have many talented quilters, garment sewists, crafters, and those who enjoy upcycling thrift store finds. Our group is very generous with their time and talent for charity. Every meeting finds contacts for various groups in need, going home with a stack or trunkful of donated items.

Elegant woman

Creve Coeur, MO

We are a friendly group of ladies who are mostly garment sewers.  We always have interesting and beautiful "sew and tell."  Our ladies take turns presenting programs on innovative sewing techniques.  When someone has a sewing question or problem, we all try to jump in with ideas and help.  We sometimes go on field trips and many of us meet at Bread Co for a light supper before the meeting.  Twice a year, July and holiday time we make blankets for the Ronald McDonald House.  We welcome new members.

Sewing Machine

St. Charles, MO

The Sew Amused Stitchers Neighborhood Group is a serendipitous group of sewers. Our many different sewing interests range from garment sewing, home deco, quilting, sewing for children, embroidery, needlework and community service. We make cancer caps for chemo patients and infant items for S.H.A.R.E. Pregnancy & Infant Loss. We have also made pet bedding for pet shelters and participate in other charity sewing efforts. Sewers of all ages and abilities are welcome. Bring your ideas and interests and join us as we encourage and inspire one another.

Quilted Hearts

Mehlville, MO

The South County Chainstitchers are something of an eclectic group, so we do many different programs.  We have garment sewers, doll clothing makers, quilters and crafters.   It’s a little hard to pin us down!  During meetings, we  focus on small projects that we can do without machines, and lots of demos.  Lots of knowledge here, so no matter what your interest you will find kindred spirits with the Chainstitchers.

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