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Kim Kirn

Sewist Spotlight: Meet Kim

How long have you been sewing?

45 years

How did you learn to sew?

My mom and grandma and my aunt Marie all taught me over my teenage years. Then I learned so much on my own too.

What was the first thing you remember sewing?

Doll clothes

Cute summer cotton tops.

Horrid polyester plaid suit jacket

What do you like to sew?

Clothes for myself. Bags. Learning to quilt and enjoying it! Projects for gifts

What is your least favorite thing to do involving sewing?

Cloth that frays easily.

Any particular type of fabric you like to use.

Knits linens cottons almost everything.

What kind of sewing machine do you have?  Any other machines like serger, etc.

Baby lock soprano and serger

What do you make that you are most proud of?

Cute flowered knit dress that fits like a dream

How long have you been a Guild member? Why did you join the Guild?

2 years. Meet other sewists

Biggest change in sewing over the years?


Best sewing tip for us?

Using steam to reshape fabric

What sewing groups do you belong to; neighborhood or online?

ASG only

Is there anything about you that you would like us to know?

I work part time and will sew more aft retirement. I’d like to teach a beginner.r

Kim Kirn
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